Frequently Asked Questions
How it works?

In just a few minutes, our app will read your tree and turn its data into a pleasant prose with photos.

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How to create a book?

If you already share your genealogy data with one of our partners, it's very easy!
Click on Sign In and follow the instructions.

Do not have an online tree yet? Open a free account on Geneanet

Can you help me in my research?

No. We don't do any research. To find your ancestors, you can:
- become a member of a genealogy circle,
- visit specialized sites such as Filae and Geneanet
- or ask for the help of a professional genealogist.

How to modify the text?

The text is generated automatically by inserting the data from your tree into templates. It cannot be modified.
Everything coming from your tree (names, dates, places, occupations, etc.) can be modified by editing your tree.

How to select which informations to put in the book?

You may want to hide/show some facts, photos, charts, etc.
Log in to your account and click on YOUR OPTIONS tab:

How to add pages?

You cannot add, modify or delete anything: the book will be printed as you see it on the screen.

How are cousinships calculated?

We compare the ancestors of each spouse over 7 generations and display the first common ancestor.

Why do the ancestry tables stop at 10 generations?

We limit the ancestry tables to 10 generations (SOSA 1 to 1023), i.e. about 300 years.
4 generations = 1 page
7 generations = 1+8 = 9 pages,
10 generations = 1+8+64 = 73 pages
13 generations = 1+8+64+512 = 585 pages
For 13 generations there would be almost 600 pages of tables! And many books would exceed the 800-page limit.

How to change a person's photo?

Each photo comes from the portrait (main picture) of the person in your tree. You may change it by visiting the Media menu of your tree.

Tip : upload large, hi-res photos. In the book you will find two versions: a thumbnail in the BIOGRAPHIES chapter, and a full size in the PHOTOS chapter.

Some tools to improve the quality of your photos: to delete the background to add colors to your black and white photos

portrait Allowed filetypes : BMP, GIF, JPG et PNG. Others will be ignored.
people_outline When the same photo is used for several people, it is printed only once in the PHOTOS chapter.

How to add photos?

You cannot add, modify or delete anything: the book will be printed as you see it on the screen.

How to change the book size?

There is only one size: 155 x 235 mm.

How to change the color or design of the cover?

There is only one template.

How do I edit the photo on the back cover?

This photo is the portrait of the root person. You may change it by visiting the Media menu of your tree.

How to change the font?

There is only one font: Charis SIL. This is an "Open Font" suitable for most alphabets.

Charis SIL

What is the minimum/maximum number of pages?

report For technical reasons, the book cannot be printed if it is less than 40 pages, or more than 800 pages.

What is the price of a book?

From 15 € the 40-page book printed in black and white.
The exact price depends on the number of pages and printing options (color, binding).
PDF download is free.
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What are the shipping costs?

From 5 € for a 40-page book shipped to France.
The exact price depends on the weight and the destination country.
The shipment is made by Colissimo to Europe, by DHL to the rest of the world.

Can I pay by cheque?

We do not accept cheque.
Pay online on the secure Paypal platform.

How do I know if my order has been placed?

When the payment is accepted you will receive an email from Patronomia to confirm the order.

I changed my mind, how do I get my money back?

Books can not be returned, exchanged or refunded.
All placed orders are irrevocable, no cancellation or modification is possible once payment has been confirmed.

Our books are printed on demand, according to the particular specifications of the consumer. The right of withdrawal do not apply to these products.

Can the same book be delivered to several addresses?

Each order is shipped to a single address. To deliver to multiple addresses, you must place one order per address.

What is the delivery time?

The books are printed on D+1, i.e. the first working day after validation of the order. Softcover books are shipped on D+3. Hardcover books require an additional 2 days to dry the glue.
Add the delivery time from 1 to 5 days depending on the country.

The total time is therefore between D+4 and D+10. The estimated date is displayed before payment.

Can you guarantee the delivery time?

No. There can be many causes for delay:
- a manufacturing delay (large volume of orders, machine failure, etc.)
- a defect detected before shipment requiring reprinting
- a delivery incident (incomplete address, missing recipient, damaged package, lost package, etc.)

To receive your books before a specific date, it is advisable to place your order several weeks in advance.

What does "black and white printing" mean?

The text and images will be printed in black on 80 g paper.
Colour photos will be converted to black and white.

NB: The cover is always printed in colour, including on black and white books.

What does "colour printing" mean?

Printing on photo quality paper 115 g.
Only photos will be printed in color, text will always be printed in black.
If your book does not have any colour photos, you do not need to print in colour.

What does "hardcover" mean?

The book will be printed on a very beautiful 135 g paper with a hard cover.
Photos printed in colour and text in black.

Who controls the books?

We do not check the books before printing. You must carefully review the PDF file before placing an order (chapter 7 of our general terms and conditions).

Who prints the books?

Books are printed in France in a very short time - from 3 to 5 days - by Jouve-Print.

Who ships the books?

Shipping is ensured by the printer.
The books are carefully packed in a reinforced cardboard box.

I received a damaged book!

Any book with a defect will be replaced: damaged corner, horny page, detached page, ink trail, etc.
Just send us a photo showing the default. You will get a new copy at our expense.

How to print a book from a personal document?

To print a personal document in book form, we recommend:

Can we resell the books?

No. Sale is prohibited. The books have no barcode, no public price, no ISBN number. The law prohibits their distribution, even free of charge, outside the family circle. The following statement appears on the last page of each book:

Published by the author on a private basis only.
Exempt from legal deposit.